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Wine & Health

Does wine fight cancer?  Heart disease?  Alzheimer's disease?

We are not doctors or scientists.  We cannot tell you the answer.  But we can point you to a number of places where you can gather information to help you with your own decision.  Note also that in all the studies we have seen MODERATE drinking has the best results.

You can find further information about the relationship between wine and health at:

Wine and General Medical information:

The Society of Medical Friends of Wine 

Alcohol In Moderation (AIM) - A gateway to tons of information on the relationship between alcohol and health.

Alcohol Benefits Vs. Risks, from the UNC Chapel Hill - Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies

Subscription: Bulletin Of The Society Of Medical Friends Of Wine -Expensive, and only published once a year.  Seeks to stimulate scientific research on wine and its beneficial effects while encouraging the conviviality and fellowship of the moderate consumption of wine.

Alcohol and Wine in Health and Disease, New York Academy of Sciences, Summary of a conference in April, 2001

Wine and Cancer

Answers About Alcohol and Breast Cancer, American Cancer Society, August 2002

"Red Wine, Coffee, and Almonds May Lower Prostate Cancer Risk", WebMD Medical News, April 5, 2001

Breast Cancer: "The Case Against Alcohol", American Cancer Society, September 27, 2002

Wine and Heart Disease

Wine and Heart Disease, Dr. Andrew L. Waterhouse, University of California, Davis, Chemistry & Industry, 1 May 1995. (Note: moderately technical, chemical and medical terminology)

"English Scientists Claim to Crack French Paradox", Wine Spectator, January 21, 2002

Alcohol, Wine and Cardiovascular Disease, American Heart Association

Wine and Alzheimer's Disease

"Drinking Wine May Lower Risk Of Dementia",

"A drink a day may keep Alzheimer's disease at bay", from USA Today, April 15, 2003

Wine and Pregancy

"Drinking and Your Pregnancy", National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Institute of Health, Brochure with Questions and Answers

"Alcohol and Pregnancy", Division of Medical Genetics, University Hospital and Clinics, Columbia, Missouri.

"Wine and Women", Les Kincaid, columnist


 Last modified: August 07, 2007