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General Information sites

bulletAlcohol: Problems and Solutions - provides useful information on alcohol and drinking issues such as drinking and driving, health, underage drinking, binge drinking, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and many others. Includes an alcohol knowledge quiz. - The Wine & Spirits portal and search engine.
bullet Epicurious Wine Dictionary - more than 3500 wine-related definitions.
bullet The History of Wine - with a timeline that stretches back to 6000 BC, this Louis Jadot sponsored site might take the longest view of wine.
bulletInside Wine - recipes, reviews, and other information
bulletInto Wine - an excellent general site on wine.
bulletOn Wine! - Information and Reviews on Wines & Vineyards by Bennet & Sheila Bodenstein
bulletNapa Valley Wine Library Association - celebrating their 40th anniversary, its collection is housed at the St. Helena Public Library.
bulletProfessional Friends of Wine - a group of wine lovers, each associated with the wine industry expressing their interests for others to see.
bulletWinePortalOnline - taste the difference!  The "warehouse" of wine-related Internet sites.
bulletWine Regions of the World - A great overview source. - information about wine release dates at North American wineries.

Wine Newsletters

bullet Nat Decants! - Natalie McLean's free newsletter.  New to us, but we think it will soon be one of our favorites.
bulletWinery Insights - the Weekend Winery free newsletter.  Sign up!

Wine Reviews -  Site provides useful and enjoyable reviews aimed at everyone.
bulletOn Wine - syndicated columnists Sheila and Bennet Bodenstein's online commentary.
bulletThe Wine Report - the online site of The Wine Report magazine.

Wine Magazine sites

bullet Wine Spectator - visit online or subscribe!
bullet Robert Parker Online - visit online or subscribe to Wine Advocate!
bullet Wine Enthusiast - visit online or subscribe! 
bullet Wine & Spirits - visit online or subscribe!
bullet Food & Wine - visit online or  subscribe!
bullet Wine Country Living - visit online or subscribe! 
bullet Wine Maker - visit online or subscribe!

Wine Tasting sites

bulletAfrican American Wine Tasting Society - an active national group dedicated to "changing the face of wine".
bullet Wine Love! - a guide to the art and joy of tasting wine
bulletThe Art of Wine Tasting - a comprehensive introduction

Wine Software sites

bullet The Uncorked Cellar - Australian wine cellar software company with links to many Australian and American wine sites.
bullet Cellar Wine Software - American maker of wine cellar software

Corkscrew Collections

bulletBacchus Antiques - One of the rare businesses specializing in corkscrews.
bulletCorkscrew Net - "Remember: Corkscrew collecting is not a life and death matter - it is more important than that!", Joe Paradi
bullet Hajo Türlers Corkscrew Collector - where else can you download a file on Corkscrew techniques or the Classification of Corkscrew Systems?
bullet Virtual Corkscrew Museum - a fun site I urge everyone to visit!

Wine Consultants

bulletSFsommelier - education and consulting to the restaurant industry, private events and wine reviews

 Last modified: August 07, 2007